Statements of Support

“There is no greater priority than the support and protection we give to our fellow journalists.  The USAGM Employee Association is doing just that. It supports injured journalists and journalists who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of the truth.  I am so proud of the collaborative efforts of our colleagues who have come together in support of our fellow colleagues. This Association offers a great opportunity for all of us to serve the VOA mission and to provide support and resources to our journalists in crisis.”

Amanda Bennett
Voice of America

“As we navigate an historic time of uncertainty, I’ve been incredibly proud of how RFA’s journalists and those in our sister networks have bravely risen to the challenge. Their work keeps people informed who live in some of the world’s most closed media environments. With the current public health crisis that affects us all, our mission is more essential than ever. It’s important to celebrate the heroism of our reporters and staff with praise. But it’s more important that we demonstrate our commitment to them, as well as our enterprise, by matching those words with deeds. The USAGM Employee Association is ready to aid our colleagues — all those involved in the news-gathering process — who experience hardship in the line of duty. I hope that you will consider supporting this worthy effort.”

Bay Fang,
Radio Free Asia (RFA)

“A free press matters not only because it is a requirement for flourishing democracies but because it provides objective news and information during the moments that matter most. RFE/RL understands that in times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, independent, truthful journalism is more of a lifeline than ever. I know I speak for all of my colleagues when I express my profound appreciation for the USAGM Employee Association. The Association’s assistance fund has been a lifeline for our journalists who have come in harm’s way as they report the truth.  Your support for the Association has direct impact on our journalists’ ability to deal with growing pressures they face.”

Jamie Fly
President and CEO
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

“The work of MBN’s journalists is vital to a free press. These courageous, professional and determined correspondents often risk their lives to report on the news in the Middle East and around the world. We support the USAGM Association and its work to assist those journalists in need.”

Amb. Alberto Fernandez
Middle East Broadcasting Networks

“As the coronavirus pandemic touches lives around the world, many of us look for ways to provide strength and reassurance to the people we serve.

At the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB), our response to audiences on the island of Cuba is simple: continue to providing accurate, balanced, and trustworthy news and information programming. Our journalists at OCB and across the USAGM family are providing a public service at a time when the right information can save lives. However, doing so often comes at great risk.” “Many thanks goes to the Association for all it is doing to aid USAGM journalists in trouble – and as always, your OCB colleagues are here for you. ”

Emilio Vazquez
Acting Director
Office of Cuba Broadcasting