Statements of Support

“There is no greater priority than the support and protection we give to our fellow journalists.  The USAGM Employee Association is doing just that. It supports injured journalists and journalists who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of the truth.  I am so proud of the collaborative efforts of our colleagues who have come together in support of our fellow colleagues. This Association offers a great opportunity for all of us to serve the VOA mission and to provide support and resources to our journalists in crisis.”

Amanda Bennett
Voice of America

Radio Free Asia journalists face constant threats in the service of fulfilling RFA’s congressionally-mandated mission of bringing free press to closed societies. It’s important that USAGM-supported networks, which rely on these brave individuals, do everything in our power to help them – and their families — when they need it most. The Employee Association, which would provide much-needed resources to our staff in harm’s way, aims to do just that.

Libby Liu
Open Technology Fund

“Our journalists and staff serve on the front lines of freedom on a daily basis.  At a time when truth is under constant attack, they play a key role in bringing independent news and information to those who need it the most.  It’s essential that we do all possible to support them and their loved ones as they put themselves at risk for a cause greater than all of us.”

Jamie Fly
President and CEO
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

“The work of MBN’s journalists is vital to a free press. These courageous, professional and determined correspondents often risk their lives to report on the news in the Middle East and around the world. We support the USAGM Association and its work to assist those journalists in need.”

Amb. Alberto Fernandez
Middle East Broadcasting Networks