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The USAGM Employee Association founding members committee is pleased to announce the results of the first-ever Executive Committee election. Thank you to all of our members and to all of the candidates for an orderly and overall-successful election process. The elected members listed below will begin a two-year term of office beginning on January 1, 2020.

Executive Committee Chair – Chelsea Milko

Executive Committee Vice-Chair – Kate Neeper

Executive Committee Secretary – Daniel Rosenholtz

Executive Committee Treasurer – Jeremy Groce

Executive Committee Fundraising Director – Joan Mower

Executive Committee Communications Director – Adeyemi Jimason

Executive Committee Member-at-Large – Anastasia Kolobrodova

Congratulations to the new Executive Committee members!

Those who would like to see final vote tallies may follow this link for a more detailed election report.


2019 USAGM Association Executive Committee Members

Chair: Chelsea Milko

Vice Chair: Kate Neeper

Secretary: Dan Rosenholtz

Treasurer: Jeremy Groce

Communications Director: Yemi Jimason

Fundraising Director: Anastasia Kolobrodova

Member-at-Large: Vacant

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