USAGM Association events will be listed here, as well as details on how staff at each of USAGM’s networks may attend.

Support Our Journalists: Give $20 by 2020

Around the world, USAGM journalists risk their lives and livelihoods to report the truth to audiences in media-restrictive environments. They remain dedicated to the advancement of freedom and democracy through the free exchange of information and ideas, believing that a more informed world is a safer world. The USAGM Employee Association was established to be an employee support network for these journalists and support staff.

As we approach the end of the year, please consider donating as little as $20 to support this effort. 

Your donation is critical for helping the Association provide assistance to USAGM journalists, stringers, and support personnel who experience immediate life-threatening danger or are injured during the course of their USAGM duties.


Radio Free Asia journalists face constant threats in the service of fulfilling RFA’s congressionally-mandated mission of bringing free press to closed societies. It’s important that USAGM-supported networks, which rely on these brave individuals, do everything in our power to help them – and their families — when they need it most. The Employee Association, which would provide much-needed resources to our staff in harm’s way, aims to do just that.

Libby Liu
Open Technology Fund


October Fundraising Event Recap

On October 21, the USAGM Employee Association, a support network for fallen, injured, and threatened journalists and their families, held its first fundraising event at Bravo Bravo in DC. Thanks to those who showed up in person and to those who showed their support through online donations.

We believe people are the best asset of any organization and we have to step up, colleague to colleague, and do our part to help in times of crisis.

The Association is only as effective as the donations it receives. And all of you— who care about your colleagues, journalist safety and press freedom, and the mission of USAGM— are our support powerhouse.

We do not have operational expenses and 100% the funds we raise will go directly to assist journalists, stringers, and their families.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

L-R: Yemi Jimason, Chelsea Milko, Salem Solomon, Jeremy Groce, Matthew L. Conaty