Campaign for Our Afghan Colleagues

The USAGM Employee Association, the employee-led nonprofit organization that provides assistance to USAGM journalists in need, is saddened by recent events in Afghanistan and concerned about friends and colleagues trying to safely leave their homeland.

While efforts continue to find a safe path out of Afghanistan for many, a small amount of our colleagues were able to find a way out of the country. Most of those who left Afghanistan had to leave their personal belongings behind, arriving with nothing. The Association is working with RFE/RL, VOA, and USAGM colleagues on an effort to provide urgent assistance for these colleagues — to allow them to be able to buy clothing and other necessities that they need for their new locations.

The Association gives small donations to individual journalists and/or their families who demonstrate need. We expect such requests will come our way from our Afghan colleagues in the following weeks and months, and will launch additional fundraising campaigns as needed. But for now, we ask you and the entire USAGM family to please consider supporting this urgent effort so that we can help our colleagues who need immediate assistance.

Thank you for standing with us as we prepare to help our brave Afghan colleagues. Thank you for your continued generosity.

The USAGM Employee Association

The USAGM Association Hosted a Discussion and Presentation on The Fallen Journalists Memorial. See video below to view the replay.

The Media and Burma: Journalists and the February 2021 Coup Facebook Live Event Replay

Your donation is critical for helping the Association provide assistance to USAGM journalists, stringers, and support personnel who experience immediate life-threatening danger or are injured during the course of their USAGM duties.