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Colleagues in Trouble

For years, both Russia and Belarus have been waging a war against truth, a war against facts, a war against free expression. Now, this has turned into a full-blown invasion of Ukraine and outright censorship of media in Russia.

Journalists are caught in the crossfire – labelled as “foreign agents,” thrown in jail on trumped up charges, and harassed as a result of their reporting.  These growing geopolitical tensions will continue to impact the journalists and staff of USAGM’s networks. Many have already been forced to leave their homes and loved ones to escape to safety.

The USAGM Employee Association is here to help our brothers and sisters who come under pressure from governments and other forces that fear the accountability that comes from journalists committed to balanced, truthful, and impactful reporting.

But the Association needs your help to be able to help USAGM’s most important asset: our people.

Every dollar you give to the USAGM Employee Association as part of this special call for donations will be used to support journalists who are at extreme risk due to their work.

Your donation will help USAGM

  • Provide financial assistance to the families and survivors of USAGM journalists, stringers, or support personnel who die in the course of their USAGM duties, in order to cover funeral costs, living expenses, and other related financial hardship costs
  • Fund evacuation, safety, medical, or other related costs in the event any USAGM journalists, stringers, or support personnel are in immediate life-threatening danger or are injured during the course of their USAGM duties
  • Carry out such other activities as deemed necessary to raise funds for the purposes described above.