The USAGM Association is an employee support network for fallen and injured journalists.

USAGM Association Executive Committee

The all-volunteer Executive Committee is the leadership body of the Association and it is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Association. All Executive Committee members are fiduciaries who make sure it has the adequate resources, structure, and governance to advance its mission. The group is responsible also for receiving and reviewing applications for assistance, and then determining the appropriate response.

The Executive Committee meets regularly to confer on immediate and long-term issues, make recommendations about the organization’s finances, and ensure the Association is steered towards a sustainable future in which it can best serve USAGM journalists and stringers.


The USAGM Employee Association founding members committee is pleased to announce the results of the first-ever Executive Committee election. Thank you to all of our members and to all of the candidates for an orderly and overall-successful election process. The elected members listed below will begin a two-year term of office beginning on January 1, 2020.

Executive Committee Chair – Chelsea Milko

Executive Committee Vice-Chair – Kate Neeper

Executive Committee Secretary – Daniel Rosenholtz

Executive Committee Treasurer – Jeremy Groce

Executive Committee Fundraising Director – Joan Mower

Executive Committee Communications Director – Adeyemi Jimason

Executive Committee Member-at-Large – Anastasia Kolobrodova

Congratulations to the new Executive Committee members!

Those who would like to see final vote tallies may follow this link for a more detailed election report.


2019 USAGM Association Executive Committee Members

Chair: Chelsea Milko

Vice Chair: Kate Neeper

Secretary: Dan Rosenholtz

Treasurer: Jeremy Groce

Communications Director: Yemi Jimason

Fundraising Director: Anastasia Kolobrodova

Member-at-Large: Vacant

Bylaws & Charter

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USAGM Association Executive Committee Responsibilities

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